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Development Of Gambling In Thailand From The 10th Century Till Now

Thailand has an interesting history of gambling from the 10th century until now, the era of online casinos.

The eminent online casinos in Thailand have developed web-optimized platforms and mobile apps, which are witnessing perpetually rising popularity. If Thai citizens have a stable internet connection, using these platforms and apps with almost nil interruptions is feasible. In this era, the famous games in Thailand are roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, tai-sai, sic bo, hi-lo, and all the slot games. Let us have a peek into how Thailand has reached this situation.

History of Gambling in Thailand Till the 20th Century

Historians have traced the gambling scenario back to the 10th century. At that time, ‘bean counting’ was highly popular. During the 16th century, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, had many active gamblers. In 1830, Rama III, the king of Thailand, declared that land-based casinos were legal. He aimed to increase the revenue of his kingdom. This decision enticed a very large count of individuals for whom gambling quickly became an addiction.

In 1939, King Rama V wanted to finance the entry of Thailand into World War II. With this aim in mind, he launched a lottery draw. At the end of 1939, this lottery became legal across the country. In 1940, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand declared that land-based casinos were legal businesses.

However, the initial legalization had a catch. Only the wealthiest individuals in Thailand could play in the casinos. Again, the aim was to multiply the country’s revenue. The implementation of this catch failed because casino owners allowed entry to all those who wanted to gamble. Over time, Thailand began to witness large addiction issues. Consequently, the Government banned all types of gambling.

History of Gambling in Thailand in the 21st Century

In 2014, Thailand witnessed a military coup. After this incident, the Government intensified its efforts to curb gambling activities. The leaders of the country made efforts to clean up the country, which included a focus on unlawful betting endeavors by the people. They also leveraged the 1999 Anti-Money Laundering Act, the prohibition of illegal habits of the masses, such as gambling.

In 2016, Thailand was in the news for a daring raid on a bridge club in Pattaya. The country arrested 30 foreigners, mostly from Australia and the United Kingdom, for violating the country’s laws. After some time, the country released these individuals but continued with stern laws regarding suppressing gambling.

The majority of the nations in the Asian continent are embracing the concept of legalized online casino gambling. Laos, Vietnam, and the Philippines, neighbors of Thailand, have legalized gambling to a specific degree. So, you can expect this trend to be extended over Thailand shortly.

Presently, Thailand is coming to terms with the legalities of gambling. But you can play securely in Thailand’s online casinos. You can go one step further and play anonymously if you select cryptocurrency while gambling.

The citizens of Thailand leverage Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as an economical and efficient method of overcoming IP-blocking technology. Avid gamblers are flocking to online casinos, such as sa168, which openly welcome them and ensure security that their servers are not within the grasp of the Thai Government.



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