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Is it legal to play casino games in Canada?

If you wonder if Canadian casinos are legal, see what casinoplayercanada.com has to tell you. Find out whether you can play casino games in Canada.

Whether it is legal to play casino games in Canada or no must be a question that concerns both – Canadian citizens who are keen in gambling and all the foreign tourists who might want to spice up their trip with a casino visit. In this material we are going to tell a lot about casino sphere in Canada, but mostly we will focus on the topic whether you are allowed to enter the sphere or no, as well as under what circumstances you will not be charged as a criminal.

About offline Canadian casino activity

In Canada gambling is a sphere that embraces many activities, including sport betting, bingo and lottery games. Of course, casinos are also parts of the Canadian gambling market. As a whole, it is not illegal to play in a casino room located in Canada. However, there’s one requirement for the purpose – the casino is supposed to be licensed and regulated by the local authority. If the state in Canada allows the physical casino, it exists so you can gamble in it. Plus – it doesn’t matter if you are a Canadian player or a tourist. Even if you come from a country where gambling is not allowed, you can practice it in Canada. Although many people would now think that due to this allowance there are many Canadian ground casinos, we must say that it is not exactly the truth. There are up to 100 casinos in Canada and that’s all. Now the question comes – does it mean then that gambling is not that popular in Canada? Not at all. Actually, people love gambling here, but they prefer the convenient form of online casino games.

Is it legal to play casino games in the internet in Canada?

It’s getting a bit complicated here. The thing is that Canadian government allows all players on the territory of the country – whether being here permanently or as guests – to play online casino games. But the thing is that Canada does not allow an online casino to operate here if being registered on the territory of the country. All offshore online casinos are legal. Due to this, by the way, most of the reviewed online casino providers such as https://casinoplayercanada.com/ list mainly non-Canadian betting houses.

However, in this website you might a couple of online casinos that are registered in Kahnawake native reserve, which is a part of Canadian territory. These casinos are not scams. They are not going to put you in jail. As a matter of fact, there are many Canadian online casinos that are legal, but hence, registered in Kahnawake. Why such an exception? It’s because the national Canadian gambling regulator is located here. Plus – the actual local law that determines the national gambling market is as a matter of fact the homonymous Kahnawake Gambling Law.



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