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Trends to Transform the Gambling Industry Next Year

The introduction of slots machines with interactive features and advanced gaming systems and changes in the lottery sector are some of the trends to expect in 2021

Several trends are about to transform the casino industry in 2021, mainly due to technological advancements. With the introduction of crypto currency, experts predict that this year will be marked with developments that will transform multiple areas of the gambling industry. Here are some of the trends for physical and online casinos, from VR gaming and more live dealers to interactive gaming systems and upgraded slots machines.

Slots Machines

With casinos trying to attract younger players, gaming companies are constantly developing slots machines that have more interactive features and a skill element. Younger customers are used to playing gaming consoles and video games that keep them entertained and engaged. If they are offered something that is boring or redundant, younger crowds are unlikely to get onboard. Upgrading slots is what makes betting exciting and entertaining. New games are constantly developed as well, with 2021 upcoming releases such as Loco the Monkey, Fruit Shop Megaways, and Dragon’s Luck Deluxe.

Interactive Gaming Systems

Gaming systems now offer players the chance to enjoy a more interactive setting, with features like touch-enabled tables, panels, and kiosks. CT Gaming, for example, has developed an advanced 3-in-1 system that expands the game selection on a single machine. The new multi-player solution allows players to choose from popular gaming types such as virtual racings and sports, table games, and video slots. They also have platforms developed for reliability, security, and performance, with features like compact design, secure boot option, parallel 4 displays control, powerful graphic engine, and green technology.


We all have our favorite lottery games like toto hk, the Dallies, and the Powerball and would love to see some action and new trends in this huge industry. Amidst the global pandemic and continuing lockdowns across the world, operators are increasingly offering digital solutions for contact-free experience and entertainment. In a recent interview, IGT Senior Vice President Enrico Drago discussed the possibility of offering easily navigable, connected, and seamless user experience to bring lotteries to a whole new level. Before the onset of the global pandemic, most players showed preference for standard lottery games at retail stores. This has changed, however, and more players are looking for alternatives that help support social distancing. Online providers must be prepared to offer multi-channel solutions for gamers to play however, whenever, and wherever they wish, as Drago explains. He also recommends that retail venues introduce new solutions to interact with customers like touchpoints and mobile apps.

Land-based Casinos

With technological developments, land-based casinos are on a decline, and this is mainly due to the fact that online platforms offer more convenience and privacy. They also offer a better game selection, with games constantly going through upgrades to offer better user experience. This is something that physical casinos find hard to be at par because of the more limited choice of games.



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