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First lost poker game gives you a lot of useful lessons

Use your first loss at poker club88 to consider what you can change in your playing style. Here are some tips to make your losses useful rather than occasions for misery.

There are two types of poker players – a player, who doesn’t care when he losses and a player, who experiences the loss. But a loss is not just an occasion to be miserable, guys. Indeed, not caring is not an option, but not getting a lesson from a loss is even worse.

Can you please remember your first poker loss? We mean a big loss? The one that set you in tears. Probably, it took a couple of days to recover and to come back to poker club88 again and play with a smile and some motivation. What did you do during these days?

It’s crucial to us them correctly and smartly. These days are significant for your poker experience. We are not here to forbid you being sad for the loss. We are here to remind you that the first lost poker game gives you a lot of useful lessons.

What’s the approach, though, to get them and to use them, too? Here are a couple of recommendations from us regarding this advance in poker attitude:

  1. Try to remember your position in the game and analyze the situation according to it. Analyzing only your hands and moves is not enough. Because these hands and actions depend mainly on your position. Especially if you have never appeared in such a position!
  2. Recall the destructive factors that were roaming around your poker experience. Were you playing at a couple of different tables at the same time? Then, you might reduce the number of multitabling poker experience. Were you drunk? Then, you should not drink before and during the game again.
  3. How did you feel after the loss anyway? We mean what the first emotion you experienced was? If it was anger, it’s very possible for you to deeply understand that it was your mistake (and to know this specific mistake) but not just some luck. Anger is always related with self-estimation and criticism against our own actions.
  4. Last, but not least, make a review of the opponents you had at the table. Of course, it’s crucial to consider the one that let you fail. We don’t claim he’s a better, smarter or even more experienced player than you. We try to direct you to the way you should pass in order to see what more this guy had or did to eliminate you.

Mistakes whether in poker or in life tell a lot of information what we are and how we act. They are more valuable than winnings when it comes to progress and advance. In poker, mistakes are like unrefined diamonds we need to use and turn them into the treasure we dream to obtain soon after becoming real pros in the field.



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