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What is a Slot Game?

It used to be that slot machines were used in the old casinos only by old blue-haired ladies with cigarettes in their mouths. Now, however, slots are huge draws to both brick and mortar casinos, and to online casinos. But what is a slot game? How do they work?

Slots 101

Slots is a game of chance that involves no strategy. The original idea was that there were three or more “slots” that would get filled randomly by images or numbers. If the right combination of images or numbers stopped in those slots, the game would pay out. Now, there are very few machines that have mechanical rollers. Most are now digital images that appear on a screen. When you push a button or click on your mouse, the program generates random sequences of number or images.

Types of Slot Games

The most common slot game is a 3-reel game. This is also known as a single line slot. These are the best option for rookie players who have never played before. They are simple and easy to play. They feature 3 reels and run across a single line. Usually, there is only one way to win with a 3-reel game.

The other type is a multiple reel slot. This can have 5 reels. This game is more sophisticated and splashy, with the intent to draw the eyes of potential players. They also use a random generator, but there may be several combinations that can pay out. Multiple reel games, which are usually video games, also feature more bonuses, such as extra credits and rounds, to increase your enjoyment and chances to win.

Slots are not just for little old ladies anymore. Now you have an idea of what is involved, so you can go and win some money!



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