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4 Extraordinary gambling stories you should hear about

Did you know about this casino Situs Poker Online cool stories? Learn about some extraordinary happenings in the sphere of gambling now.

Casino is an industry that hides lots of secrets, attracts with many tempting offers and has millions of stories for people from all over the world to tell. As a Situs Poker Online lover you might be very curious to hear some of these stories. Right now and right in this material we have prepared for you not to give you hints or tricks what we usually do, but just to entertain you as you know well – gambling requires having a break from counting poker cards and spinning slots, right? Let’s chill together with four amazing and truly extraordinary casino stories you should definitely not miss to hear.

London is the homeland of the tiniest casino place on the Earth

It was 2016th year when the British capital celebrated a great sport summer time. The entire season was devoted to sport and activities at the outdoors which is why a small company from Birmingham that basically operates in the sphere of online gambling industry decided to make people get at the outdoors and place bets outside of their houses. A casino in a typical London cab was made and guess what – it had everything you can expect from a real ground casino, including a dealer, an amazing bar area and a tiny desk with online gambling services.

A win from nothing can lead to a loss of everything

It happens very often in gambling, but the extraordinary thing in this story is the financial massiveness. Ashley Revell is a name a lot of pros in gambling know as in the beginning of the 21st century he made a real fiasco. This young gambler decided to sell everything he owns and then to bet it on red in a single game within a great Las Vegas casino. Revell won an amount that was twice more of what he got from his sale. Later, the risk lover invested the money into opening his own casino, but just a couple of years it went on a bankruptcy.

Did you know that Blackjack is kind of FedEx’s savior?

Back in the 70s of the previous century FedEx’s boss decided to make a revolution in delivery business. He invested all of his money in a new business plan that aims to turn deliveries possible round the whole day, including after midnight. The idea was great and the publicity loved it, but what FedEx’s managers couldn’t deal with is the gap between the night and day price of the fuel. In the end, the company’s new idea budget ran out and Frederick Smith – the founder – came in desperation as the entire business was just about to crash. What do you think he did? He found the money by playing Blackjack in the nearest casino!

Two big pros in poker decided to deal with their argue in a MMA fight

JC Alvarado and Olivier Busquet used to be popular with their amazing game styles in traditional Situs Poker Online environment. One day, though, they decided that it’s high time for the society to figure it out who’s the better one. Though, their mission just did not work out because they kept showing the same and the same level of skills. This is how both of the players decided to participate in an amateur MMA fight and Busquet was the winner. 



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