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5 questions to ask a Blackjack pro before you make your first steps in this game

These are the things you should ask a real lapak303 Blackjack pro when you meet one. The answers will give amazing directions for your first steps in the card game.

Imagine you get an instant chance to get consulted by a real Blackjack guru. Do you know what you would mostly like to ask him? What would be the help you would like to receive? We don’t know if you have any experienced Blackjack players among your friends or you visit ground casinos on a regular basis and use your great social skills to communicate with real pros in the field, but you have ever meet such a master, don’t forget to ask him these five crucial questions:

  1. What is the most suitable budget amount to start your experience in Blackjack? You might hear a lot of stories about making big cash with small stakes from these brilliant players. And even if you don’t receive a specific answer with a concrete amount to start playing Blackjack, take these stories as a base for your own strategy. They all mean that you don’t have a lot of cash to become fast a real pro. You need skills, instead.
  2. How to build up my own Blackjack strategy? We believe pros in the field will tell you different things and give you various tips about it. What you need to remember, though, is not a single strategy element, but instead, an idea for an approach. Some gurus will tell you mastering your skills should be the top priority in your strategy fundamental. But others will claim that designing a vision what you expect from the game is the most important thing to consider. We will agree with both of these player groups.
  3. Should I bluff? If you think that all Blackjack pros are kind of bluffing masters, here’s the truth – only 5% of them actually use bluffs in their regular activity. As a matter of fact, the big gurus will tell you instead that bluffing is at one hand, not for every player, and at the other hand, not suitable for any Blackjack table.
  4. Is counting cards the only right approach in winning Blackjack regularly? Many pros in this card game count the cards. They will definitely recommend getting in details about the oldest Blackjack strategy. However, we believe that the pros tend to advise you to learn how to do it perfectly at first and then, to apply counting cards in the game. Plus – we are confident that they will assure you that counting is definitely not the only way to be great in Blackjack.
  5. Where’s the best place to play Blackjack? Pros in the field claim that at first, ground casino visits is not ok for Blackjack enthusiasts if they know almost nothing about the game. The biggest gurus recommend the players to start with small steps in reliable lapak303 websites where you can gain some practice.


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