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Read here to find out how to recognize a casino scam

In this material you will figure it out whether your current online live casino is a scam. You will also learn how to recognize the unfair companies in today’s gambling industry in the internet with an ease.

There’s an argument between the experts in the gambling sphere regarding scams. Some of them claim that casino scams are a lot out there. Others, though, warn the customers not to worry, because a scam cannot exist for a long time, because these days the casino industry has been strictly regulated by the national authorities and the international independent agencies and license providers.

Even if you are one of those tranquil players who have decided to believe in what experts from the second group claim do not be that confident about your safety. What if you appear in a casino scam during this short period of its existence before being caught by the agencies? In all cases this might cost you a lot – not only money but even your personal data security.

Speaking of all of these and considering how popular live casino in the internet and online slots have become these days we have decided to provide you with one helpful guide. Below you will learn all the ways to find out if your current gambling provider is a scam. Here’s how to do to so:

  1. First of all know what a scam is. For some players almost any new casino opened during the last couple of months is a scam. Just because no one knows about your casino it doesn’t mean it’s a scam. The scam casino is the one with no license and no regulating measures implementing in its policy of work. Speaking of policies, no scam casino has responsible gambling policy documents, either.
  2. If your casino is extremely slow in payments or it uses some really strange payment systems there’s a huge possibility for it to be a scam. Gambling industry has a wide net of financial partners. These payment system service providers understand the necessity of fast payments in the sphere which is why they promote such in their contracts. But no financial institution will sign up a contract with a scam.
  3. There is no logo of an independent lab that has been following the fair play in the games listed in the slot, live casino or any other section in the company’s gambling portfolio. There are many labs of this kind and the most popular one, for instance, is eCOGRA. These labs are engaged with the responsibility to see if the outcome in the game is random and there’s no cheating in any of the products.

If by any chance you have suspicious in your casino provider, on mandatory check its legit status and see whether it’s not a scam. Safety first, my friends! Don’t forget that!  



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