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The Basics of Using a Deck of Marked Cards

Here’s a walkthrough for poker lovers to the world of marked cards. The mystery surrounding these is what we are going to debunk now.

Are you a regular in the casino world? If so, you would have heard of the marked cards but in hushed tones in your neighborhood clubs. What are these marked cards, and what should you know about them?

A set of marked cards are the cards with secretive markings on the back. Where else have you seen these cards? These cards are also popular in use by magicians and illusionists. They use these marked cards behind the original ones and swap for the missing ones too.

Such a marked deck of cards is fun to use for sure, but it can change your game for the better in a casino.

The Best Way to Identify Marked Cards

As a novice, if you are in a club and feel someone cheating, the chances are that they are using a marked card. But it might feel frustrating when you are helpless and cannot locate the marked card from the deck.

You have to turn the card over and look for smart markings. Also, you may specifically check two types of markings – the reader system and the coded system. If you turn the card around, just read it well. If this is a five heart, you will find some design discreetly revealing the five hearts. This is going to show if there are markings or not. It is advisable to feel the back of every card by running the same with your thumb. Observe the designs on the back of each card and see if there are some signs or tell-tale differences. There are diverse marking systems used, making these marks, and you will need to spot this. Moreover, if the markings are made with luminous juiced ink or invisible ink, you will need to use infrared filters or UV filters.

Analyzing the Reading Systems

Do you know that you can read and spot the marked card with some practice in just two or three seconds? So, you will benefit from infrared contact lenses and poker glasses and read these cards.

The naked eyes cannot see all the lights, especially the UV or X-ray lights. This said, you would need to know your eyes’ original color. Also, if you suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness, note that. It will help you to pick the lenses with ease. You must also pick good quality infrared contact lenses and store them well after cleaning them. The IR ink requires a special IR camera or filter to read. To read the same, you cannot opt for UV contact lenses or regular sunglasses.

With such high-end inks in use for making the marks, you will need to look for a more advanced tool. These days, special lenses and filters are easily available to outsmart these inks and markings from the rest.

All said and done, you can pick the best quality of marked cards from Marked Poker Cards. The site has some of the best quality cards to help you take the game forward with ease and have fun pranking your friends in Poker.



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