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The Different Varieties of Slots Games

The first image people think of when they hear the word “slots” is probably of a machine with reels and a large lever. That’s not the case anymore, with more people playing online than ever before. With slots online, there is no lever, and no reels, although such machines to still exist. Here are some of the different varieties of slots games.


This is the old classic. It’s a machine with 3 reels that spin when a button or a lever is pulled. If they stop in the right combination then the machine will pay out. This is the simplest variety because there is usually only one way to win, and that is by matching the images.


When playing online, there are very few games designed like the 3-reel machines. With programming and technology, game designers want to make the experience more fun and engaging. The design is often based around 5 reels, which increases the ways that a player can win.


Progressive slots involve an increasing jackpot whenever someone doesn’t win. Other slots games have a set jackpot no matter how many people have already won. The odds for these games tend to be longer, but the payouts can be substantial.

Mobile Slots

People nowadays do pretty much everything on their phones, and casino gaming is no exception. Mobile slots are games that have been designed to provide a great mobile experience for people who are playing while on the go.


Traditional slot machines only have one payline. Now, you can choose games that have several playlines. This provides several more opportunities to win and also has different patterns you can follow. For instance, the payline might be in the shape of a letter, or diagonal, or really any other shape you can imagine.



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